Travel information


1. Travelers fix the beginning of the tours themselves but it is desirable to follow the terms indicated in the price-list (group size, price, etc.).
2. Things you do not need en route can be safely left to the Company.
3. The Company does not provide any kind of insurance (life, property etc.) This should be done in your country.
4. Rescue work is for additional payment.
5. It is necessary to have your return tickets for international flights.
6. The Company does not bear any responsibility for loss or damage, natural calamity, strikes, force major, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government regulations and restrictions.
7. If the travelers wish to change a program (make it longer, shorter, add visits to some places) during its carrying-out, they must discuss it with the Company. The Company doesn't compensate money for program that had been discussed beforehand. The travelers compensate all additional expenses of changed program.


1. Cancellation a month (and more) before arrival. In this case the costs for arranging formalities and for the money remittance are taken.
2. Cancellation 15 days (and less) before arrival. In this case 10% of tour price is taken.
3. Cancellation 7 days (and less) before arrival. In this case 50% of tour price is taken.
4. Cancellation 1 day (and less) before arrival. In this case 100% of tour price is taken.



List of countries whose citizens introduced
a free visas regime for up to 60 days

1. Australian union 16. Canada 31. The Republic of Singapore
2. The Republic of Austria 17. Republic of Korea 32. The Slovak Republic
3. Kingdom of Belgium 18. State of Kuwait 33. The Republic of Slovenia
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 19. The Republic of Latvia 34. United States of America
5. Vatican 20. The Republic of Lithuania 35. The Republic of Finland
6. U.K. 21. Principality of Liechtenstein 36. The French Republic
7. Hungary 22. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 37. The Republic of Croatia
8. The Federal Republic of Germany 23. The Republic of Malta 38. The Czech Republic
9. Kingdom of the Netherlands 24. The Principality of Monaco 39. The Swiss Confederation
10. Hellenic Republic 25. New Zealand 40. Kingdom of Sweden
11. The Kingdom of Denmark 26. The Kingdom of Norway 41. Republic of Estonia
12. Iceland 27. United Arab Emirates 42. The State of Qatar
13. Kingdom of Ireland 28. The Republic of Poland 43. State of Brunei Darussalam
14. Kingdom of Spain 29. Portuguese Republic 44. Kingdom of Bahrain
15. The Italian Republic 30. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

List of countries whose citizens, owners of all types
of passports have visa-free regime in Kyrgyzstan

1. Azerbaijan 7. The Russian Federation 13. Turkey (30 days)
2. Armenia 8. Tajikistan 14. Ukraine (90 days)
3. Georgia 9. Vietnam 15. Uzbekistan (60 days)
4. Moldova 10. DPRK 16. Mongolia (90 days)
5. Belarus 11. Cuba
6. Kazakhstan 12. Malaysia (30 days)

For more detail information go to:
Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

Visiting Kyrgyzstan tourists should have an accident and life insurance. The Company doesn’t provide any kind of insurance (life, property etc.) This should be done in your country.
The insurance for the climbers should be no less than 10.000 Euro.
Rescue work we make for additional payment, we can't arrange rescue works if there isn't any guarantee of payment by the rescue company. You have to make a copy of all your documents before traveling, and leave it in our office.
No vaccination is needed. There was not determined any epidemic like smallpox, plague, etc in Kyrgyzstan. Please take with you all necessary medicines you are accustomed to.

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