Prices for accommodation in Hotel Neofit Karakol
for the winter of 2016-2017


1 room for 2 pers., shower, toilet, wash basin with mountains. water in another room (V room type) 500 som person/day
1 room for 2 pers., toilet mountains. water for 2 rooms.(IV room type)  600 som person/day
1 room for 2 pers., toilet mountains. water for 2 rooms. (III room type) 650 som person/day
1 room for 2 pers., toilet , shower in room (I room type) 700 som person/day
2 rooms for 2-3 people, все удобства в номере (II room type) 750 som person/day

  Breakfast is included in the price .

  The dinner in the hotel on request from 350som.

Transport services to the ski base Karakol on the car Mitsubishi Delica 7 seats - 1800 som per car




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