Trek from the gorge Karakol gorge Arashan across the lake Ala-Kul 

This route allows you to get acquainted with the most beautiful gorges and Arashan Karakol, visit the mountain lake Ala-kul.Uvidet own eyes the birth of mountain rivers, beautiful waterfalls and alpine meadows. Explore the flora and fauna of high mountains. Tourists are invited to carry a tent, backpacks, mountain boots, raincoats, alpenstocks, warm clothes, jackets.

Каракольское ущелье Ала-Куль

Period: June-October
Groups: from 5 to 15 people
Duration: 7 or more days

Day 1. Arrival in Karakol. Accommodation in the hotel "Neofit" vacation
Day2. Drive to Karakol gorge to the starting point of tracking, access to shelter "Sirota".
Den3.Perehod the lake Ala-Kul, rest
Den4.Perehod through Ala-Kul
(3700 m) in the valley Keldyke
Day 5. Moving into the gorge Arashan the resort Altyn-Arashan relaxing at the spa, swimming in the healing spring.
Day 6. The transition from the resort Altyn-Arashan Ortok through the pass to the resort Ak-Suu, transfer to Karakol in the guest house, "Neophyte" vacation.
Day 7. Departure to Bishkek and further to the homeland.

Арашан Алтын АрашанАлтын Арашан

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