Trek through the gorges and Karakol Arashan

Trekking lets you get acquainted with the natural areas Terskey Ala-Too, seen near the highest point of the ridge Karakol 5216 m and a handsome horseman 5117 m peak, and other peaks and glaciers, bathe in hot curative springs, see the mountain lake Ala-Kul Lake, situated at an altitude 3530 m. Read the alpine flora and fauna. Tourists are requested to bring sleeping bags, tents, raincoats, warm jackets, sweaters, helmets, cat, rope, ice axes, mountain boots.

Period: June-October
Group: from 3 to 12 people
Duration: 11 days

Day 1. Arrival in Karakol, accommodation in hotel "Neofit", rest, discussion of the tour programs, training equipment, food.
Day2. Drive to Karakol gorge and then walk to the "Light of lakes".
Day 3. Hike to the glacier Karakol, climb the glacier Oyu Thor
Day 4. Ascent to the glacier Oy Tor East to the pass-Tor Oy and Oy passage of the pass-Tor (3900 m), Kul-Tor glacier, the river Kul-Tor.
Day 5. The rise to the pass "Rocky."
Day 6. Passage of the pass, "Rocky"
(3750 m), Takyr-trafficking in warm springs gorge.
Day 7. The ascent to the peak of the Ala-Kul-Kyry
(3300 m)
Day 8. Passage of the pass Takyr-Tor (3700 m), the glacier of Ala-Kul lake Ala-Kul.
Day 9. Lake Ala-Kul, Ala-Kul, Keldyke gorge Arashan Gorge Resort Altyn Arashan.
Day 10. Transfer to Karakol, rest in the hotel "Neofit".
Day 11. Transfer to Bishkek and further home

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